Summary 01

Scott Klassen

“Kyle’s delivery of your Electrofishing course was absolutely top-notch. He is knowledgeable, professional, and most of all, unfailingly cheerful and patient. Our field session was the third in two days, and I got the feeling from Kyle that he would not rather be anywhere else than right there teaching us about zapping fish. He took care to assist with review before the test, ensuring we all had the time we needed to be comfortable with the material. I believe the integrity of your program is superbly represented by this instructor.”

— Scott Klassen, Biologist, Vanderhoof BC

Everett Hanna RPBio

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Darren as an Instructor/Environmental Professional. I was fortunate to have taken NRTG’s Electrofishing Certification course in 2016 with Darren. After considering Darren’s online reviews and skill set, I selected a location and time so that I would have him as an instructor. I was not disappointed. Darren was a methodical and caring instructor who was aware of the backgrounds of each of his students in my class at all times. He made sure to explain concepts in different ways to ensure they were accessible to everyone. He brought the perfect mixture of casual and professional attitude to the class, a task that is particularly difficult when teaching a topic like electrofishing that can range from extremely dry theory (no pun) to potentially lethal very quickly. And, of course, his knowledge of fisheries science and electrofishing applications is amongst the greatest of anyone I have ever met or worked with. Thus, it is my pleasure to highly recommend Darren to any prospective students/clients.”

— Everett Hanna RPBio, College Instructor, Wildlife Biologist