Cultural Resource Monitor (CRM) 


The Cultural Resource Monitor (CRM) training program provides course participants with valuable applied field and research skills and experience in the expanding field of cultural resource management. 

The CRM program will introduce participants to Cultural Resource Management and provide ‘tools’ and skills well beyond the limitations of traditional archaeological methods.  This program provides community members with practical skills in field archaeology, heritage assessments, heritage site visits, local site and community visits, applicable laws & regulations, research techniques such as: meaningful community engagement, consultation & interviewing, archival research, and the use of mapping and GIS using radar, drones, photography and videography. 

Each NRTG course includes free, lifetime admission. Enrol once - come back anytime.


The CRM program will also introduce new trends in cultural tourism, museums and curation, and public cultural resource management.  This course is designed as an advanced course and next level of training for those who have completed our RISC Archaeology & CMT Training for Crew Members. 

The three-day (24-hour) CRM program, taught by some of B.C's most respected and innovative anthropologists, archaeologists and CRM specialists, is leading edge in design, content and value to communities and community members. 



Upon successful completion of the CRM program, students will be able to: 

  • Define Archaeology in BC

  • Define 'Living Cultures'

  • Identify and contrast contemporary issues in Archaeology

  • Identify key procedures in an Archaeological Assessment

  • Conduct standard sampling, excavation and analysis procedures

  • Apply laws, regulations and protection measures of Archaeological Sites

  • Conduct local Site and Community Visits

  • Conduct practical heritage assessments

  • Conduct research at the community level

  • Identify community engagement and consultation methods

  • Conduct a culturally-appropriate interview and focus group

  • Identify mapping techniques using maps and GIS

  • Identify the application of modern CRM research technologies: radar, drones, photography and videography

  • Assist in preparing a Cultural Overview Assessment

  • Develop a community-based Interview Guide

Course format:

The three-day (24-hour) Cultural Resource Monitor Program is typically delivered Tuesday-Thursday in any given week (this can be modified by request). The daily format can vary, as most everyday includes field training (which may involve travel to field sites).  The CRM Program delivery ‘season’ will vary by region, as the program requires suitable field conditions (unfrozen soil, no snow on ground, etc.). 

Course Customization:

This course can also be customized for an organization and/or community based on their needs.  In its standard format, this course is a three or five-day training program.   NRTG can deliver this program independently or combined with another NRTG training program. For instance, this course could be delivered as a one week course along with our RISC Archaeology & CMT Training for Crew MembersEnvironmental Field Skills Certificate Program, or GPS - Technologies and Applications course(s), or any other NRTG training program. 

Please contact us with your ideas and needs, and we'll work with you to design and deliver a specialized training program that meets your needs. 

Potential Students: 

Course participants typically include; existing environmental technicians, Aboriginal stakeholders and community members, and resource workers. 


This course is an advanced course and next level of training for those who have completed our RISC Archaeology & CMT Training for Crew Members.  The RISC Archaeology course is not a mandatory prerequisite, but is recommended. 

Personal Equipment Requirements:

Course participants are required to provide their own personal field clothing (e.g., warm layers, sturdy boots, gloves, rain gear, etc.).  

Course Fees:

Course fees will vary by course delivery location.  For further information, please refer to our Course Schedule.   

How do I Attend?

The CRM is delivered on contract to community groups, companies or organizations.  Individuals interested in attending a CRM delivery are advised to contact us, where we'll provide potential CRM delivery dates and locations to attend. 

If you would like to have the Cultural Resource Monitor program delivered to your group or community, please consider the following:

  1. Contact us well in advance of your preferred course start date

  2. If applicable, secure program funding

  3. Recruit course participants (most NRTG courses have minimum enrollments of 10 participants)

  4. Coordinate course participant equipment, classroom facility, and contractual agreement with NRTG.

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