Darren: really enjoyed your course and your fabulous teaching skills......I was telling a lot of folks down here how great a teacher you are! Fabulous instructor and course.
— Shawna Wilkinson, Human / Wildlife Conflict Specialist, Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada, Parks Canada, Waterton Lakes, AB
Very practical course, great instructor. One of the best courses I’ve ever taken.
— Matt Joyce, MSc. RPBio., Vancouver, BC
My writing has improved ten-fold since taking the course, as well as my confidence. My supervisor and I have both noticed it - whether it is an email, summary letter, or full report, the flow is better and everything reads easier.
— Rachel Cullen, Biologist, Cochrane Alberta
Darren was a fantastic instructor; encouraging and enthusiastic. Not in the least bit intimidating. The course was excellent!
— Justin Hanisch, Biologist AECOM, Calgary, AB
The course was well planned out and flowed well. The instructor (Kyle Milburn) did a fantastic job and all the participants were engaged and excited to be learning. This was easily one of the best courses I have ever taken in terms of information, experience, networking possibility, layout, and a balance of classroom and field sessions.
— Brian Titaro, Biologist, Vancouver BC
Great instructor, great class and field components. In my mind, the course was perfect!.
— Ken Meeks, G3 Consulting Ltd. Surrey, BC
Darren was great and the hands-on learning was really good.
— Jenna Tabata, Biologist Triton Environmental Consultants, Calgary, AB
Darren is awesome...learned so much. Best course I have taken in the industry.
— Brendan Such, Biologist, Cochrane, Alberta
Darren was an excellent instructor! Informative and well-organized and enjoyable to learn from.
— Jordan Beblow, Biologist, Stantec Terrace, BC
Instructor was great. He had great patience and allowed everyone to learn the material and techniques even though everyone learned/worked at different speeds. Overall, very impressed!
— Jenna Klynstra, Biologist, Ecofor, Fort St James, BC
What I liked most about this course was the breadth and depth of knowledge of the instructor. Darren is a knowledgeable, experienced instructor who obviously love what he does.
— Patrick Lilley, Biologist, Kerr Wood Leidal Engineering, Vancouver, BC
Content and field training was amazing! Al is a great instructor with professionalism and contagious enthusiasm. Amazing course!
— Nina Solomon, Environmental Technician, Williams Lake, B.C.
This was my favorite course I have ever taken. I was extremely engaged and interested in the subject and the instructor was so fantastic.
— Darcie Powell, Biologist, Fort St John, B.C.
This course was professionally conducted and provided training specific to the needs of our organization. Excellent instructors and course content.
— Natasha Lukey, Fisheries Technician, Merritt, B.C.
Great course! Good balance of classroom and field-based learning.
— Mike Leidl, Biologist, Ecofor, Fort St James, BC
Really liked the way the course was presented. Course and instructor was fantastic!. Excellent inclusion of all people in the class – very engaging delivery.
— Steve Jennings, Manager, Rescan Environmental, Smithers, BC
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Darren as an Instructor/Environmental Professional. I was fortunate to have taken NRTG’s Electrofishing Certification course in 2016 with Darren. After considering Darren’s online reviews and skill set, I selected a location and time so that I would have him as an instructor. I was not disappointed. Darren was a methodical and caring instructor who was aware of the backgrounds of each of his students in my class at all times. He made sure to explain concepts in different ways to ensure they were accessible to everyone. He brought the perfect mixture of casual and professional attitude to the class, a task that is particularly difficult when teaching a topic like electrofishing that can range from extremely dry theory (no pun) to potentially lethal very quickly. And, of course, his knowledge of fisheries science and electrofishing applications is amongst the greatest of anyone I have ever met or worked with. Thus, it is my pleasure to highly recommend Darren to any prospective students/clients.
— Everett Hanna RPBio, College Instructor, Wildlife Biologist
Amazing course and instructors. Really learned valuable skills to work in this field. I strongly recommend attending this course.
— Kevin Alec, Environmental Technician, Lillooet, B.C.
Darren is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher. Would highly recommend this course.
— Portia Lloyd, PBiol., Biologist, Calgary, Alberta
Darren was an excellent instructor! Informative and well-organized and enjoyable to learn from
— Jordan Beblow, Biologist, Stantec, Terrace BC
The course content was very relevant and useful
– I learned a lot of different things that were useful!
— Denyse Gullion, Biologist, Alberta Fish & Wildlife, Athabasca, AB
Darren was so excellent, knowledgeable! As I said before, I’d gladly take any additional courses under your instruction! Thanks for a great course.
— Melinda Bahr, M.Sc., B.Sc., R.P.Bio, PMP, Team Lead, Aquatics Biologist, Stantec Terrace, BC
Really hands on, friendly instructors. Clear explanations allowing students to understand and be comfortable during the course.
— Chelsea Cody, Biologist, Environmental Dynamics, Prince George BC
The instructor did a fantastic job at getting me engaged and interested in the course content. Very happy with the course, and nothing needs to be changed.
— Brian McGill, Biologist, AECOM, Vancouver, BC
Great course and wonderful instructor.
— Gwen Baker, Biologist, Fort St. John, B.C.
One of the most fun, educational courses I have completed. Wonderful instructor. Don’t change anything!
— Dani McIntosh, Parks Canada Biologist, Banff, Alberta
The instructor was excellent and inspires interest in the topic of Fish Habitat Assessment.
— Amanda Breuer, Biologist Triton Environmental Consultants, Kamloops, BC
Kyle’s delivery of your Electrofishing course was absolutely top-notch. He is knowledgeable, professional, and most of all, unfailingly cheerful and patient. Our field session was the third in two days, and I got the feeling from Kyle that he would not rather be anywhere else than right there teaching us about zapping fish. He took care to assist with review before the test, ensuring we all had the time we needed to be comfortable with the material. I believe the integrity of your program is superbly represented by this instructor. 
— Scott Klassen, Biologist, Vanderhoof BC
Great training program! The instructor Al was very helpful and encouraging. I have learned skills that will be very helpful during my job.
— Lenora Fraser, Environmental Monitor, Hope, B.C.
The quality of this course and instruction was exactly what our company was looking for.
— Lanny Amos, Biologist, Elkford, B.C.
Good balance of field vs. classroom time. I felt the length of each portion was perfect. The instructor was such an excellent instructor - clear, approachable, helpful, encouraging. Highly recommend!
— Melanie Kuzyk, Ecologist, North Vancouver, B.C.
Al was a great instructor! Really helpful during class and field.
— Martin Walkus, Fisheries Technician, Port Hardy, B.C.
NRTG has knowledgeable and experienced instructors that are eager to share their expertise to the benefit of course participants and industry. This is a great course, and I learned a ton that will be really helpful.
— Andrew Martin, Biologist, Prince George, B.C.
Amazing course and instructor!. The heavy field component allows students to dive into the material and thoroughly understand the content.
— Larissa Chin, DFO Biologist, Vancouver, B.C.
Wonderful ‘hands on’ learning! Kyle was an excellent instructor, and ensured everyone maximized their learning and experience. These are valuable skills that will help advance my career.
— Leigh Anne White, Fisheries Technician, Port Alberni, B.C.
Course content was excellent. Darren was an incredible instructor and was very effective at creating field situations where streambank restoration techniques would be used.
— Mike Hunka, Biologist, Edmonton, Alberta
What I liked most about the course was how applicable the material was, with enough theory and excellent field guidance. Great course.
— Sarah Huff, CCI Solutions, Saskatoon, SK
Darren was simply put the best instructor one could ask for on this topic. An informative, fun and incredibly relevant course.
— Nadin Boegelsack, Biologist, Calgary, Alberta
Excellent course with very knowledgeable instructor. Will definitely attend future NRTG courses!
— Hilary Goble, Biologist, Crossfield, Alberta
This course exceeded my expectations. By far the most informative and engaging course I have taken. Amazing instructor and course!
— Stacy Boczulak, Biologist, Burnaby, B.C.
Great course with an amazing instructor!
— Fonya Irvine, Biologist, Cochrane, Alberta
Eric was a great instructor; very knowledgeable, helpful, respectful, and passionate about course content. Field component was very valuable, and brought together the whole course.
— Dylan Begin, Biologist, Cranbrook, B.C.
I liked Darren’s passion and understanding of the industry, nature of work, and knowledge level. His experience and knowledge are great benefits to taking this course, and now I feel capable and confident to conduct field work.
— Marla Ives, Biologist, Fort St John, B.C.
Al McNeil was fantastic! knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. Course exceeded my expectations.
— Noel Soogrim, Toronto, Ontario
Fabulous instructor who made the course interesting and relevant. Practical field training was awesome.
— Kendra Morgan, Biologist, Richmond, B.C.
Excellent program. Learning from Derek Marcoux was an amazing experience.
— Sheri Reece, Environmental Technician, Hartley Bay, B.C.
This course was professionally conducted and provided training specific to the needs of our organization. Excellent instructors and course content.
— Natasha Lukey, Fisheries Technician, Merritt, B.C.
Great information and instructors. I am experienced in the field and learned lots too.
— Patricia Clarke, Fisheries Technician, Merritt, B.C.
The instructor was amazing.
— Tyrell Worrell, Biologist, Minnow Environmental, Waterloo, ON
Great course! Excellent balance of field vs class and we learned valuable skills that will certainly help me with my position.
— Colin LaRochelle, Environmental Technician, Lillooet, B.C.
Excellent course, awesome instructors!
— Roxanne Pinyon, Environmental Technician, Merritt, B.C.
Darren brings an extensive practical experience to this course and he has a great teaching style that encourages dialogue and group discussion. Field sites allowed for a broader range of streambank restoration techniques to be used. I’d highly recommend Darren as an instructor.
— Graham Waugh, P. Eng., Calgary, Alberta
Darren is extremely knowledgeable in his field – I learned a lot about e-fishing as well as Fish ID. Everything was great – superb instructor!
— Katherine Taylor, Biologist, SNC Lavalin, Vancouver, BC
Leading edge instructor and in the field of eDNA methods. Top notch. Really enjoyed learning field procedures for robust data collection. Very thoroughly explained.
— J. Stephen Sims, Biologist